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The FR Challenge

the long way to.....

The Fr challenge was hard to solve and we started with different opinions on this solutions, so we put together pieces and colours and here are some pics of the process of the doll, with a not released dress in red and black and the start of the challenge dress.

after this the coat and its colour....

Well, it's not always easy to create and sharing opinions and ideas on a project in a duo....

so the coat appeared but with a different colour, more dramatic!
So we turned into moonlight ......
Following you can read the Q&A for the judge we gave.
Thank you
Magia 2000 - Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi

Veronique - #7 challenge

What was your concept for this gown?
We tried to get inspiration from the live of Veronique and her job. She is the CEO of a cosmetic industry and she studied in France, so the title collection is a tribute to her love for Paris and the french allure. We imagined that she came in France to introduce the new line of her cosmetic during the most joyful and glamourous event, the Cannes Festival, and the “joie de vivre” is related to the Cote d’Azur, to St. Tropez. In fact we immagine that she enjoy the day in St. Tropez and during the evening of the gala for the presentation of her new Parfume “Moonlight”, she arrive with her french couture inspired outfit. She comes out of the limo in front of the Cannes Festival, covering herself with the iridescent grey taffeta coat and after she walked up to the stairs , she turned back to the public and all the paparazzi, opening her coat and revieling her stunning wrapped satin light blue/grey evening gown.
She is terrific an breathless, with a soft elegance, but completely stunning in her beauty.
2) Why did you choose that particular fabric? The satin is light and luminous and the wrapping works very well with satin, they looks more alive. The coat must be very stiff to reach the volume we wanted, and so we decided for taffeta, lined in satin lining fabric.
3) Why did you choose that color? The choice was hard and we wanted to create the moonlight idea, but don’t want to choose black or white. We did different changes during the challenge, and at the end we defined that the light blue/grey looks wonderful for the moon, looking like the colour around the moon in a beautiful night. It’s not the colours of the moon, but the shadow of it and the surroinding colours, then we thought about the coat as the reflection in the dark sea, that is not completely black but such a grey iridescent , reflecting the moon, with metallic accent. The beadings in silver are the ligthing accent of the waves of the sea..
4) Do you think your gown is appropriate for FR? Yes, it’s sexy but not vulgar and Veronique is a lady, a young lady but very sophisticated, so the sexy cut of the dress and the breast wrapping enrich the shapes of Veronique, but keeping her chic.
5) What element do you think distinguishes your design and sets it apart from others? Cut? Fit? Embellishment? Color choice?
We think that the mix of the cut of the dress with the soft and light wrapping makes a wonderful contrast with the stiffer appeal of the coat. It’s a mix of 2 different volumes, the softness of the bodice and the modern line of the dress , comparing to the construction of the coat, more elegant and a sort of retro cut.
6) What element of this challenge was the most difficult for you?
The hardest point was to avoid thinking about the Jason’s idea and his point of view.
Usually, dolls have different styles and during their collections they wore many different style, like Barbie, with so many changes and not so personal point of view.
Here we got a specific point of view and Jason’s one is incredibly modern and detailed. It was hard to think about our favorite cut and style for a specific lady as Veronique, being ourselves and forget for a while the incredible talented opinion of Jason.
7) What element of this challenge was the most enjoyable?
To think about the story behind, we enjoyed so much in building the original tales and we loved it so much that it was hard to stop just to only one outfit, but we’d love to think about the all collection. It was nice to imagine Veronique moving into the scenes of our script.
8) If you could change one thing about your gown what would it be?
We love this doll very much and by now we haven’t any piece we don’t like, it was a mix of many things and we love them all. We don’t know if everything works together as we want, but we found a story and a sense in this outfit. Also the jewels were made with pearls, always very close to the moon idea, in many philosophy the pearls are close to the moon influence, and all the beads used in the jewels are in the same colours of the coat and the rhinestones of the rings in the necklace are near to the dress color.

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