Saturday, December 8, 2007

The start o fthe Alex challenge

this could be a great challenge!!!
No , this could be a tragedy!
No this could be the greatest nightmare of all!!!!!!!!

Yes, we truly stared that way with the emphasy ove rthe top and finish with the worst depression!
Creating is not easy and especially when you are used to express yourself with your instinct. Creating with such a strong influence of the great pictures of an icon is worse than anything else.
When the opriginal designers created the iconic dresses on their movie, they didn't know it will become such famous and iconic.
Now we know and we couldn't take as a normal experience where we just create with our instinct, but the comparison is strong in your head.

We started with an italian dress ......

Fellini's movies are really famous and iconic themselves and so we first chose "La Dolce Vita", and the anita Edberg's dress to be reinvented!


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