Saturday, December 8, 2007

and then...... Dolly came!

Black and White movie are hard to understand, especially if you think about changing the colour of the dress and using colors to express your idea.
That movie was impossible to reinvent and so we moved.

Waisted 2 day!

One close friend, Massimo, is a great fan of Barbra Streissand and last time we were in NYC, last october 2006, he went there just to go at her concert.
We were so envy outside of the Madison Square Garden, and he was inside with Paolo, sitting near to Sarah Jessica Parker.
The choice was a tribute to Lady Streissand, who is an icnredible artist and we absolutely must know more.

So we chose the gold beaded dress , when she comes down from the stairs in "Hello Dolly".

Not an easy choice, but an elegant and elaborated dress, that we think works on Alex.
And then we started sketching , and finally choose the one we love.

It's time to choose color and fabrics, and we thought about the background of the scene, where everything is dark and we need a stardust of light, with an extravagant colour .

She is Dolly, so the best in town!

Of course it's time for creating, sewing and beading, beading.....

We creatd a bustier with light blue/green crepe satin, lined and adorned with tons os gold beads and crystals, covered and doubled with a gold net.
A macramè lace adorned the breast area.

Hope you all can imagine her coming down as Barbra!!!!

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