Sunday, November 25, 2007

the way to final dress

it was a long way to decide a so simple dress, but it was not so direct!
Fom the choice of that cotton gold plated fabric and the first fabric in different print.

Then the choice was where we should add the bow?
Front, too much modern!? Maybe a little difficult to dance with?

And then teh final one. Add the purse in same material with a modern accent of gold metal.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Preparation of Tyler Challenge -details

It was hard to put together the ballgown style, that we intended like a wide skirt and the big element and the oversized print.
WOW, we hope many details following, will delight your eyes.
there were more versions of this outfit before ending the final one, and we started witha different oversized printed fabric, with big big jewels on it.
then we decided to make the big flowers and them to move the big bow from the front to the back.
It was a process of trying to find the solution.
And all in COTTON!!!???
We couldn't believe it was not so easy to make it works.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Tyler Challenge hints

WOw, we are already at the 4th challenge and we truly can't believe it.
We were not used to work on bigger size dolls as Gene, or Ellowyne, completly new for us but we went through them and now we are the Tyler challenge.
Tyler is elegnat and sophisticated and we will try to put together the elements of the challenge in the better way possible.
One more problem: COTTON!!!!!!

Do you think it's possible to work for a ballgown with cotton?
We hope so! And start the research from the materials.
there are several cotton and several operations to enrich this idea.

a big problem!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

LBD Barbie comments

Magia 2000 - Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi

Barbie Silkstone - #3 challenge

1) What was your concept for this gown?
It wasn’t easy to re-create LBD in a new way, but we follow our passion for sexy fitting dress, with the stitching as a bustier. We usually silkstone fashion model’s line, and this is a tribute to that idea. We took inspiration from the lingerie, and create an outfit with similar constructions, also for the breast with single strapes linked with a gold metal ring. We also create a purse with light green accent color, like a wrapped purse, like the one used in the beauty Spa, but elegant and matching with the dress. The shawl is a mediterraen accent, like a sicilian or spanish lady, with all the fringes, romantic It’s simple in her concept and full of little details like trims , accessories and jewels.
2) Why did you choose that particular fabric?
We chose the black stretching satin to follow the lingerie inspiration, like the corsets, it’s stretch and it can be used on different body of barbie. The purse and the shawl is made with that satin and the georgette, to remind about the softness of lingerie.
3) Why did you choose that color?
We used the light green to give extrem life to the black dress, with a fresh color. Green is a fresh and joyful colour and it’s usually wore also in party and wedding from guests, it was a nice colour to get immediate freshness touch.
4) Do you think your gown is appropriate for Barbie?
Absolutly yes, because it’s really sexy and a little retro with the lace trim in the lower edge and the complete accessories are in good scale fo her. They are all handcrafted by us and created to get rich impression of the doll.
5) What element do you think distinguishes your design and sets it apart from others? Cut? Fit? Embellishment? Color choice?
We feel the purse and accessories are very modern, the wrapping of the georgette on the purse is absolutly modern and used in many fashion collection this year, and the accessories are truly important and relevant in the complete image. We can imagine a women like that, with the same fitting of the dress.
6) What element of this challenge was the most difficult for you?
Working on our muse was truly difficult, because we got hundreds ideas and it was hard to choose something new but absolutely in our usual style to be strongly related to our idea of silkstones barbie. We love this doll most of all , she is very chic and charming, but we wanna get a more sexy appeal, without being vulgar.
7) What element of this challenge was the most enjoyable?
Pattern making, we already had all the proportions we usually manage.
8) If you could change one thing about your gown what would it be?
Probably nothing even if we’d love to make a different shoes and got th chance to embroider a little the shawl.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

More details on LBD

more images of the preparation of the LBD outfit challenge.

The LBD Challenge

it was a true challenge this time, more than ever, because we absolutely love Barbie and she is probably our favorite model.
Usually this could be an advantage but here is a big challenge and we were so afraid to make a big mistake.
We usually love chic and simple style, but we also love SEXY attire.

So this was our choice, to get a very simple dress but with a bustier appeal and with a strange breast part, covering the breast with a wide opening and nake back.

We love italian LBD, like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. So we took inspirations from their fitting and their sexy style.
We added a wide stole with fringes, very latin and a little accent of light green, just in the wrapped purse and the little ribbon.

there are lots of details, the bustier lines on the bodice, and the riveting to hold the straps, or the little black shoes enriched with a little ribbon in satin with a tiny metal ring.
More, we create a special jewel set, with pendants and necklace.

All was packed in a customized silkstone display box with a big Magia2000 tag. A dream came true for a fake silkstone outfit designed by Magia2000.

We took the privilage to dream for a while!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

First Challenge - GENE

The First challenge was truly amazing, and even if at the beginning quite easy in its idea, it was not easy at all to introduce ourselve in a challenge with so many talented designer and find out our style as before.
We are truly happy for the result and of course we absolutely knoww this would very hard in future.
We love each other designs .
W Project Dollway.