Saturday, November 10, 2007

The LBD Challenge

it was a true challenge this time, more than ever, because we absolutely love Barbie and she is probably our favorite model.
Usually this could be an advantage but here is a big challenge and we were so afraid to make a big mistake.
We usually love chic and simple style, but we also love SEXY attire.

So this was our choice, to get a very simple dress but with a bustier appeal and with a strange breast part, covering the breast with a wide opening and nake back.

We love italian LBD, like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. So we took inspirations from their fitting and their sexy style.
We added a wide stole with fringes, very latin and a little accent of light green, just in the wrapped purse and the little ribbon.

there are lots of details, the bustier lines on the bodice, and the riveting to hold the straps, or the little black shoes enriched with a little ribbon in satin with a tiny metal ring.
More, we create a special jewel set, with pendants and necklace.

All was packed in a customized silkstone display box with a big Magia2000 tag. A dream came true for a fake silkstone outfit designed by Magia2000.

We took the privilage to dream for a while!!!!

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