Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paris 2010 - YSL Exhibit

Here are just few pics of the incredible YSL exhibit in Paris, we had the pleasure to visit this past weekend. We hardly suggest to visit it! Spectacular!

O.D.A. Exhibit in Milano

Here are some pics of the doll donated to O.D.A. art gallery in Milano for a Charity Event last 03rd March.
O.D.A. is a nice place where you can also learn painting and sculpting techinques, and where artists can go to practise and study. That is why we post also the processof a face repaint we did for the OOAK doll donated.
Hope you enjoy it!
original face

deleted face

final result with repaint

and the final dressed doll!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lady Gaga doll by Magia2000

This is an incredible doll, we were lucky to donate directly to Lady Gaga, through a friend of us she received this doll reproducing her iconic outfit for the MTV Award.