Saturday, December 8, 2007

Susie Challenge - Spain

Dear friends,
this challenge was a true challenge, in many different levels, and the Project Dollway is getting harder and harder to solve.
We absolutely started wondering which direction we should follow and especially to understand the city or land we would love to reinvent.
Of course we are latin, and the obvious choice was Italy, but Spain is in the air.

Many references aare in Fashion during this past summer, when we created the dress and the last Dior Haute couture was especially inspiring for us.
Of course we wanted to to something as RTW, and the choice of Denim was our challenge.

We were just came back from Dallas Barbie Convention and it was called "Denim and Diamonds", and so we were inpressed by denim.
So we tried to use it as the modern and contemporary fabric on Susie, to create a nice and easy dress with a latin taste.
The Torero was our choice, and the top was fresh and easy in our minds, we wanted in violet, but red was more straight.
We first created the top in violet and then truned into red.

Here some pics of the Susie challenge and some backstage pics.

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