Friday, January 4, 2008

The preparation for the KISH Challenge

we are at the start of another challenge and we got to study!
We started choosing the materials and the images we wanted to be as the Inspiration.
The challenge was not only about Erte, but also about Poiret and the Art Deco period.
We love Erte, but we focused our attention on the very first Fashion Designer ever: Poiret.
We discovered a talented and extremly innovative designer, with a sense of fashion very new and truly close to persons of his period.

We loved the coat and the dresses of Poiret. During the days of the preparation of this challenge, a huge exhibit at the Metropolitan Musuem of NYC was closing and after some months and many celebration in the fashion world, we would love to give our little and humble tribute to this great designer and tailor.

And there we found our Inspiration for the KISH CHALLENGE.
The doll is absolutely new for us, we never know her before and this is a new adventure..

some great modern designers as John Galliano inspired themselves to this period too, with great and extravagant outfit as the following pictures shows....... and we got so much inspirations from this as reinvention of that mood.

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