Sunday, January 15, 2012

Madonna got our doll at Norton Graham show!

With this doll, we made a dream came true, meeting the one and only MADONNA at the Norton Graham show in London during a wonderful and personal interview, promoting the W.E. movie but talking about her career, her projects and for few minutes, about our dolls, used to show her look changes.

She wore this outfit at the very first Premiere of W.E. at the Venice Film Festival in Spetember 2011.

Our doll wears a replica of the Vionnet evening dress, in a silk crepe de chinein a turquoise colour with an intricate hand beading of red and white tiny beads. The dress is made following the same pattern cut of the original, after a detailed study of the silhouette.
All details are absolutely studied to be close to original.

She also received a professional full facial repaint with acrilic color .Body used is pivotal, with posable joinings. All accessories are handcrafted by Magia2000.


Claudia said...

Hey there! I really thought that Madonna was such a bitch (surprise!)and ungracious receiving your dolls....barely uttering a thank you...OK, yeah...she's a diva and has to be a bitch...but you guys really deserved a friggin HUG from her....but she seems to be high and guys are a couple of sweethearts!!!!

D Nelson said...
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D Nelson said...

sorry Madonna was so unappreciative to the both of you, what else is new?, your dolls were so amazing. I want a Paparazzi Gaga doll, but I see you gave it to Gaga. you guys are wonderful.