Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vogue Gioiello - November 09

It's a great pleasure and honor to show this incredible project we create for the cover story of Vogue Gioiello , Noveber 09 Issue.
We thank Mrs. Franca Sozzani , Giovanna Battaglia who trust in our creativity for this creations, and painting.
We create outfits, style and painting for these incredible puppets, created by Veronique Andrin.
We also painted more than 12 heads of the "Time for Color" article.
A big thanks to Michael Baumgarten, photographer of both projects.


fashionDOLLista said...

That's fabulous!!! Congratulations on your article!

Patrice said...

Love your work! Have you ever considered doing a Nicole Kidman doll?