Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jason Wu Event + Contest Winning

It's a big pleasure for us to show you some pics of the recent Jason WU Event, where we meet our longtime cherished designer Jason, and also won both prizes for the Design Competition "I love JAson".
The Judge's Award went ot our Crystal Diamond and the Public's Award went to "We Love Jason" , a special doll inspired and dedicated to MR. WU.
The convention was a beautiful experience and we thank all the people we meet there.

Our Crystal Diamond , winner of the Judge's Award from Integrity Toys

Our OOAK doll "We love Jason" which won the Public Choice Award

Monogram Cusriosity set on our table

a Priscilla inspiration.....

Gianni and Sue in her wonderful outfit....ready to party!

some crazy and extravagant outfits for the Couture Dinner

my lovely Erin repainted, and ready for the shooting

The Jason Wu Museum

Chicago Sears Towers

Hotel Lobby

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